Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls (N64)

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  • System: Nintendo 64
  • Genre: Racing
  • Max Players: 1-4
  • Age Rating: Everyone
  • US Release: May 1998
  • Developer: Iguana
  • Publisher: Acclaim

Finally, a game that combines a young (wo)man’s love of playing with balls with an action-packed racing adventure!  That’s right, kiddies—keep your pants on this time and get ready for some serious ball-breaking action!  Iiiiiiiiiiiiit’s IGGY’S RECKIN’ BALLS!! Woooooooooo hooooooooooo!!!!

This game is like a 2D racer, such as Uniracers, rather than a Gran Turismo-type of thing, but that doesn’t stop these 3D balls from jumping right down your throat in this pulse-pounding mega-racer!!!  Unfortunately, dear readers, this game is not quite as good as I just made it sound.  Sorry.

Although the game is very fun to play once you get used to it, it’s hard for a newbie to just jump right in and begin playing at a decent level.  The main reason for this is the awkward controls.  Although they aren’t very hard to get used to once you play for a while, people just starting will find themselves way behind in the races.

This may be no problem for someone who is going to play the game solo iggysn1for extended periods of time, but it makes it difficult to just play some multiplayer games with a bunch of people who have never played the game.  Granted, if you are the one who owns the game and plays it all the time, you’ll probably get a lot of enjoyment out of being four or five laps ahead of everyone else, but the other players are surely going to get frustrated by not being able to jump and stick out their ball’s tongue fast enough to grab onto a moving platform before falling back down to the beginning of the level.

While the audio and visuals for this game are easy enough to deal with, even without practice, they just don’t stand out from any other racing games.  A game like Mario Kart 64 speeds past this game in every aspect, and Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls, unfortunately, just does not have what it takes to be considered better than-average in these categories.

The aspect of this game that really helps to move it out of the average zone is replay value.  There are many hidden balls to grab for in this game, which are obtained by completing various objectives, and getting your hands on them is going to take more than a few beers.  The balls are all unique and special in their own ways, as well.  Some are hairy, some are red, some have piercings, some are slimy, and some are just plain diseased-looking.  Getting a hold of all of them is definitely something to keep you playing, and when you finally do get used to the controls, you won’t have any reservations about going all the way.

Overall, this game is pretty much average, being completely left in the dust by Mario Kart 64, but is still worth looking into.  By now the game must sell for around eight bucks at GameStop or EBGames, so if you are a fan of racing games, go ahead and pick it up.  It may not be the best game for parties, but it’s still good enough as a single-player game to be worth a try.

  • GameCola Rates This Game: 5 - Average
  • Score Breakdown

  • Fun Score: 7
  • Audio Score: 5
  • Visuals Score: 5
  • Controls Score: 5
  • Replay Value: 7
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