Dear Readers: Another n00b Bites the Dust

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no noobs(Editor’s note: This article was originally published in the June 1, 2006 issue of GameCola, back when GameCola was published in a monthly online magazine format.)

GameCola Headquarters
College Park, MD 20740

July 1, 2006

Dear Readers,

Do do do. Another n00b bites the dust. Though, unlike so many of our n00bs of yore, who couldn’t handle the intensitude of writing one entire videogame review every single  month, Shawn Sackenheim did not leave because he was lazy. Shawn Sackenheim, in all seriousness, left because of medical injury.

According to Shawn, his wrists are all torn up to the point where he can no longer risk banging out his monthly reviews or Great Moments in Gaming. It was either quit the ‘Cola, a nerdy webzine that has more writers than readers, or quit his job, which involves lifting heavy objects, but actually, you know, pays.

Alert Dear Readers may have noticed, somewhere between the words “intensitude” and “lazy” in the first paragraph, that Shawn Sackenheim is not the only casualty we’ve had as of late. Richo Rosai, famed scribe behind Low-Rent Adventures in Japan, has been MIA for about three months; though it’s only now that we’re finally giving up all hope that we’ll ever see him again.

Like Matt Wright before, Richo’s left without a trace, leaving behind only an empty place in all our hearts.

Richo’s legacy and spirit live on in Zack Huffman’s brand new monthly column, Get Out of Your Damn House, which takes a look at the games Zack finds in the wild during his new life on the road. The legacy of Shawn Sackenheim, however, will remain totally in the past until either someone picks up his old column, or his wrists heal up and he makes his grand return to our fair webazine.

And both Richo and Shawn are still active in our “Best Staff Member EVER” contest, taking place right NOW on the GameCola forums. In fact, they’re up against each other in the second round, and if that ain’t the weirdest match-up since Matt Gardner vs. his pet cat, I sure don’t know what is.

Unfortunately, my dearest of dear dear Readers, we’ve come to the end of my GC news laundry list. So for the next two weeks, until the sun sets another 14 times and the moon rises…well, I guess that should be around 14 times, too, with any luck….I must bid you the fondest of fond fond farewells. But not before presenting you with this: The latest, and therefore greatest, issue of the Internet’s PREMIERE videogame webazine. Enjoy.


Paul Franzen
editor in chief

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