… of the Month: More Minigames That Also Happen to be Stand-alone Games, for Example: Pong

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Request to Developers of the Month: More minigames that also happen to be stand-alone games, for example: Pong

For example, Pong. Three simple words that started a revolution. It was August of 1967…. *flashback noises and visual effects*

So there I was, talking about how I really liked that Glastonbury minigame in No More Heroes. The one where you sit at the bottom of the screen and shoot bullets upwards at these spaceships that are flying and shooting down at you. You know, it’s like that other game. You mean that one where you play as Cielo and shoot the crap at the top of the screen as it shoots down at you. “No,” that is just another one of the copies of the original game I’m talking about. You know what I mean, though. So it’s OK.

Another minigame I’d like to see in other games is Tetris. I like playing that on my phone, and I’m sure I wouldn’t mind having the option to stop slicing people up and play some Tetris. For some reason, I just don’t want to put down the game I’m currently playing and play Tetris on my phone. Maybe put some unlockable costumes or something for the character in the main game in there. You know, make my life mean something.

Pong! That’s a good example! Remember how Commander Keen had Pong in it? I played Pong more than I played Commander Keen! Why was Pong the minigame? Is it just the longer game that gets to be the main game? I think keenit makes moresense to make the “main game” the one you’ll play the most. Hmm…paradox.

And this brings us back around to our original concept: For example, Pong. Three simple words that ended a flashback. It was June of 2998 (oh mother of god…. I meant to only travel one month into the future, but I accidentally typed 9s instead of 0s12…. This is going to be wacky.) *flash forward noises and visual effects*

Actually, it isn’t as bad as I expected. We have flying keyboards now, but we still type the same way. People still learn with Mavis Beacon, too.

It really is a good idea, the whole minigames thing. These games I’m talking about have already been established as fun as all get out, and it’s always nice to have a fun and addictive minigame instead of a boring and suck-filled minigame involving some sort of goat herding or vegetable picking (not to be confused with the non-minigame vegetable picking of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon).

Dammit, I forgot to think up a comments question…. Wait, wait, wait! Here we go: Do you readers have any games in mind you’d like to see as minigames in other games? If you know, POST!!


1. I really did type 9s by accident. You just witnessed total IMPROV, baby.

2. See? I can make these things, too.

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