Carbonated News: November 2009

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toadWelcome to “Carbonated News,” the column where I get you up-to-date on the latest gaming news.  Although, to be honest, I only write this column at the end of the month, so the news isn’t all that up-to-date.  If there is breaking news like the Lufia II remake, the GameCola staff will tell you about it long before I will.  Like I’ve been saying for the past several months, maybe one of them should write this column instead of me.

Anyway, here’s the news I learned about during November:

  • Assassin’s Creed 2 came out on the 16th. People were slightly irked that Ubisoft decided not to release a demo version of the game, but Ubisoft figured people would buy the game anyway, because they liked the first one. Ubisoft also figures this is the case with Prince of Persia, as they have revealed the newest Prince of Persia game will be a direct sequel to the last one.
  • In somewhat silly newscertain bands that signed contracts with the Guitar Hero Company are now mad that their characters are in Guitar Hero games. Their problem is with the fact that their characters can be used at any time during the game, so gamers can do things like have Green Day band members playing a non-Green Day song (gasp!). These bands say that this is an intolerable situation, an offense to the noble art of music, bringing it down to the level of mere karaoke. We here at “Carbonated News” are tickled pink at the idea that this is where bands are drawing the line between Guitar Hero and karaoke.
  • I was hoping for something really interesting to report, but when I checked the news, I found out that nothing important happened during the second week of November.
  • New Super Mario Bros. and Two Unnamed Generic Characters Wii was released, and already hot tips like “collect all the special coins” are pouring in. Also, Nintendo of America President Reggie released a statement concerning the game’s lack of online multiplayer, one of the game’s biggest faults next to title and character selection. Reggie’s statement basically boiled down to “the developers in Japan made the decision, not me. Please buy many copies of this game so I can afford to feed my family.”
  • There was massive debate over President Barrack Obama’s new health care plan. One of the more heated debates was on the abortion issue. The President’s plan requires that people provide funding for abortions, because apparently he thinks being pregnant is a disease. Pro-abortion groups have shown their solidarity with the President by holding sit-in protests in maternity wards.
  • Meanwhile, the economy has gotten much, much worse, so preparation for Christmas shopping started extra-early this year, in hopes that people would buy more things if given more time to shop. As far as videogames are concerned, GameCola Head Editor Paul Franzen says that “absolutely no good games came out this year,” which would mean even worse sales than usual this holiday season.
  • OK, ignore the last bullet point. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 broke all sales records for anything, ever with $550 million dollars earned in the first week of its release. Um…wow.

Well, that’s news for November!  Looking back, it seems that November was not the biggest month for news, but it was a big month for releases. Let’s hope all these new games are worth playing!

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