Newsflash: GameCola Gay for Miles Edgeworth?

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I’ve read some pretty bad Phoenix/Miles Fanfics1. I mean, I’ve read some REALLY bad ones2. Yet, GameCola still manages to surprise me. We’ve heard Paul and Mike going on and on and on in the podcasts about Phoenix Wright. BUT, I ask you, who do they REALLY like? I’ll show the – forgive the pun – “hard evidence”:

GaymeCola For Miles?

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Author’s note: Yes, I know I published this on April Fool’s day, but do the searches and check out the hard evidence for yourself. It’s all true.
[1] Don’t read this. It’s very NSFW.
[2] I meant what I said in [1].

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  1. In our defense, Miles Edgeworth has had TWO games released since the new GameCola debuted. Phoenix hasn’t had any.

  2. OBJECTION! The new GameCola includes all the content of the old GameCola, making it as searchable as the new content. All the Phoenix Wright games, bar Ace Attorney, came out while GameCola existed.

  3. HOLD IT! They ALL came out during The GameCola Years. The first one came out in the U.S. in 2005. I even reviewed it at the time, not knowing what I was unleashing unto GC.

  4. [Damage Sequence]

    But…but…The Google search also includes comments! Maybe it’s the comment-makers who love Miles Edgeworth, not the GameCola staff! And most of the comments on the site are from the New GameCola, right? It makes sense!

    …Either that, or we love Edgeworth more than Phoenix.

  5. Take that [Google]! There’s one way to find out for sure – Trending Topics!
    Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney Wiki)
    Miles Edgeworth (Wikipedia)
    Miles Edgeworth (Court Records)

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