Newsflash: GameCola Gay for Miles Edgeworth?

Newsflash: GameCola Gay for Miles Edgeworth?

I’ve read some pretty bad Phoenix/Miles Fanfics1. I mean, I’ve read some REALLY bad ones2. Yet, GameCola still manages to surprise me. We’ve heard Paul and Mike going on and on and on in the podcasts about Phoenix Wright. BUT, I ask you, who do they REALLY like? I’ll show the – forgive the pun – “hard evidence”:

GaymeCola For Miles?

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Author’s note: Yes, I know I published this on April Fool’s day, but do the searches and check out the hard evidence for yourself. It’s all true.
[1] Don’t read this. It’s very NSFW.
[2] I meant what I said in [1].

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