Telltale Games’ 75% Off Sale!

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From June 6 to June 30, Telltale Games will be demonstrating once again why we love them so much by making it affordable to buy out their entire collection of games and merchandise, thus securing customer loyalty until the end of time.

With EVERYTHING in the Telltale Store being sold at 75% off the regular price (except Back to the Future: The Game and the sequel to Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent, which are too modest to take 75% off), there is absolutely no reason for anyone with $10 in the bank and a credit card within reach to not take advantage of this sale. Regardless of whose credit card it is.

Telltale Swag

Now’s your chance to own your very own Flux Capacitor t-shirt, discover what a Gromit is, get caught up on all three ridiculous seasons of Sam & Max, buy the soundtrack that’ll let you listen to that infectious Soda Poppers song wherever you please, encourage the next episode of Hector: Badge of Carnage to arrive, take a chance on the comic-to-videogame sensation Bone, swill grog from a Tales of Monkey Island mug, snag some colorful Homestar Runner figurines, get your poker fix, get your poster fix, read up on Dave Grossman’s guy poetry, and stop reading this article now and go buy something already. For me.

And…uh…I’ll be happy to finish that cheeseburger for you.

75% off almost everything in the Telltale Store (except shipping—boy, are they sneaky)

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