Curiosity is Real

Curiosity is Real

peter-molyneuxWhen I saw the trailer for Curiosity posted to the Peter Molyneux parody Twitter account, petermolydeux, I assumed it was part of the gag.

A game based on a box. A closed box. A virtual closed box. A box that players around the world will be chipping away at, trying to open—whose contents are, to quote the Fable creator himself, “so amazing I think it will appear on news reports.” People can (and, let’s face it, probably will) pay upwards of $50,000 for DLC that lets them open the box better—but only the one single person who strikes the final blow will actually get to see its contents.

That sounds like something that could only come from the progenitor of What Would Molydeux, right?

Well, the trailer’s a phoney, but everything else? It’s all real.

Curiosity. Coming to the PC, iOS and Android on August 22nd. …I think.

[Via IGN]

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