Find Out What’s Inside the Cube Before Some Jerk Does

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curiosity-whats-inside-the-cubeCuriosity is the absolute stupidest game that I’ve ever played in my entire life, and I’m going to win it.


Peter Molyneux’s “social experiment”/what is this I don’t even Curiosity: what’s inside the cube came out early this morning, and already people around the world who really need a hobby are chipping away, hoping to find out just what’s at the center of this magical box. To play, you tap the screen of your iDevice to destroy little boxes; as you earn money, you’ll be able to buy tools that let you tap and destroy, uh, bigger boxes. …I’m pretty sure that’s it.

As of a few minutes ago, half of the cube’s first layer is already gone. At that rate, we’ll be getting those sweet, sweet Molyneux photos and/or pork chops before we even know who the U.S. President is.

For anyone who’s—*ahem*—curious, I filmed a quick demonstration video of Curiosity‘s physical gameplay:

Curiosity is free, it’s iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android compatible, and it’s completely useless for you to play it because I’m going to win *drops iPhone again*.

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  1. Not compatible with my Ipod… Well shit, I wanted to waste minutes of my young life (minutes that will never come back) chipping away at this thing!

  2. The game’s server is really shotty.I keep getting this error message “a bearded man has taken your place, please click to retry”.

    1. I think we’re on the…third(?) layer now? They haven’t said how many there are. I’m also not sure if each layer is equally as large as the others, or if they get incrementally smaller (which would make sense).

    1. Well, to be fair, this is definitely the strategy I use every time I play this game. …Or at least it would be, if the screen didn’t shatter about ten minutes in for some assuredly unrelated reason.

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