[NSFW] Crystalis D&Dcast – Part 6: Killer Queen

[NSFW] Crystalis D&Dcast – Part 6: Killer Queen

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Crystalis 6Having spent some very productive time in and around the port city of Portoa, Alex “Zebu” Jedraszczak, Christian “Tornel” Porter, Vangie “Asina” Ridgaway, and Mike “Kensu” Ridgaway suddenly become instrumental in the future of this bustling metropolis of maybe a dozen people.

Crystalis Portoa Battle

In this heroically inspiring installment, you’ll hear…

  • The introduction of the crucial Fog Lamp subplot
  • Tornel attempting to take financial advantage of the kindly pawn shop owner
  • Another day, another town under siege by zombies
  • No two townspeople are not on fire
  • Another day, another town basically decimated by zombies
  • The tragic premature conclusion of the crucial Fog Lamp subplot

…and much, much more! Actually, now that I’m looking at it, this isn’t heroically inspiring at all.

The adventure continues here!

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