Fabricated News: Major Problems

Fabricated News: Major Problems

zigguratWe here at “Fabricated News” were just given an exclusive preview of an upcoming Xbox 360 first-person shooter, entitled Major Problems. It’s the story of a man named General Armadine, who gets framed for crimes he didn’t commit.

This game takes place in the dense forests of South America, near some ancient Mayan ziggurats. The army has established a strong fortress in this location, because apparently ziggurats make great army bases. The first half of the demo has you playing as the General, who needs to sneak into a ziggurat without being caught by the guards.

The second half of the demo has General Armadine going throughout the ziggurat-base, looking for the crucial evidence which will prove his innocence. All he finds are falsified records. He quickly sets them on fire, to destroy them. The smoke from the fire draws the attention of nearby guards, who appear and promptly arrest General Armadine.

The moral of the story?


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