Fabricated News: Spin-off MADNESS!!!

Fabricated News: Spin-off MADNESS!!!

good-burger-headerIt’s only February of 2013, and we have already hit maximum spin-off levels. We’ve got spin-offs of Star Wars, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Boy Meets World in the works, not to mention the fact that everyone is expecting a new Pope to appear by the end of the month.

The videogame world has not been immune to spin-off fever. Recently we’ve seen Chuck’s Challenge, Final Fantasy: All the Bravest, and the PlayStation 4. But here are some spin-offs you may have missed:

• Kid Icarus: I’m Cooler Than Yo’ Mama. Kid Icarus is now a singing sensation who engages in daily rap battles! Join him, by singing your way through twenty different levels, including ice world, volcano world, and Pittsburgh.

The Last of Us: The First of Us. This series takes characters from The Last of Us, and places them in caveman days, where they must fight anachronistic dinosaurs and evil Fred Flintstone.

Tomb Raider: Tomb Keeper. Taking place fifty years after the Tomb Raider series, this game features Lara Croft, who is planning her funeral. Can she protect the Croft Family Tomb from graverobbers?

Dr. Mario: Word Master. Dr. Mario’s vocabulary lessons are going to turn you from a neanderthal to a sesquipedalian! With special guest appearance by Good Burger.


Looks like we’ve got some interesting games to look forward to this year! Stay tuned for next year, when they make spin-offs of these spin-offs.

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