Hacks’n'Slash #1: Luigi and Daisy’s Journey of Love and Sadness

Hacks’n'Slash #1: Luigi and Daisy’s Journey of Love and Sadness

luigi-daisy-headerLuigi and Daisy hugging and crying.Illustration by Colin Greenhalgh.

When Luigi Met Daisy, He Knew in his heart that he loves her. The Same was for Daisy. But Will they Confess their true love? COMPLETE! R&R!

Few things in life give me greater joy than things that are terrible. This is why you should never ever trust me when I say you should buy games like Enchanted Arms or Runaway 2; I think they’re wonderful, but that’s only because I’m rating them on a scale of “boring” to “hilariously bad,” where the only way to get a perfect 10 is to hire all your writers from Mars, and then just keep bopping them on the head until words come out.

Luckily, I’m not the only one whose idea of a fun story is one that devotes entire paragraphs to what the main character’s eating for breakfast. In this brand-new GameCola podcast, I was joined by fellow ironic hipsters Michael Gray, Diana Gray, Alex Jedraszczak, Christian Porter, and Frank Jacobs in a fine table reading of “Luigi and Daisy’s Journey of Love and Sadness”—a fanfiction about two people who are so MADLY in love with one another that they occasionally forget each other’s names. Please listen and review!

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Featured quote: “Oh no! We’re tiny in an infant’s room!”

Article rating: 9.62 BEARDS out of 10

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