BREAKING: New Ace Attorney 5 Info

BREAKING: New Ace Attorney 5 Info


This post may or may not contain spoilers. Most of this is speculation, but my speculation is usually creepily accurate. No, seriously, it’s scary.

This fangirl has just heard some disturbing news from her contacts at Court Records.

First, just look at this (from the 3/12 issue of Famitsu).


I mean, what is this?! When did Apollo become a severely injured pirate? I’m not sure how I feel about this.

But it’s official. Apollo will be in the game. He’s even got a profile on the game’s website.

There are some pretty interesting theories circulating about this particular piece of artwork.

1. Apollo was the defense attorney when the bomb blew up the courtroom. This seems valid to me, as the destroyed courtroom greatly resembles the one from AJ. It also explains why Phoenix is now taking cases instead of Apollo.

2. Apollo’s “perception” will be affected from this. Again, logical, as he’s kind of MISSING AN EYE.

3. Finally, Apollo is the prosecutor for AA5. This is crazy. I sincerely hope this is not true. People say that the silhouette at the end of the trailer resembles Apollo in his new jacket. Also, his defense attorney badge is gone/not visible, which is odd.

If Apollo is the prosecutor, I may have to boycott the game. Which is saying something for me, the fangirl.

Any thoughts, GameCola faithful?

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