[NSFW] Crystalis D&Dcast – Part 10: The Final Countdown

[NSFW] Crystalis D&Dcast – Part 10: The Final Countdown

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Crystalis 10Pursuing the villains to the magical altar that controls the Angry Sea, Alex “Zebu” Jedraszczak, Christian “Tornel” Porter, Vangie “Asina” Ridgaway, and Mike “Kensu” Ridgaway race against the clock to complete the quest by 11 PM, or else the DM will end it for them. Gruesomely. With a giggle.

Crystalis Final Battle

In this final installment, you’ll hear…

  • Status ailments! Fuzzy, goopy status ailments.
  • Each of the main villains busting out their coolest, most powerful special attacks. Like a boss.
  • Various party members taking turns grabbing, holding, and rubbing Kensu.
  • These boots were made for warping, and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these boots are gonna…sorry, what were we talking about?
  • THE FLOATING TOWER!!! Appropriately, like in the actual game, we get to spend all of ten minutes there.
  • The party, placing no faith whatsoever in my ability to stage a thrilling final battle and conclude the campaign in the two minutes we have left before I kill everyone, taking storytelling matters into their own hands.
  • Stom informing the party that their princess is in another tower. Wait; wrong game. I mean, everyone dies.

…and much, much more! If this doesn’t inspire you to play Crystalis, then we’re clearly not spending enough MP on mind control.

The adventure concludes here!

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