Maid RPGcast – Part 2: The Twilight Zone

Maid RPGcast – Part 2: The Twilight Zone

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It’s Part 2 of the Maid RPG Podcast! This week, Master Milo and his maids land in the middle of the woods, in search of a man with an awesome beard. This level is supposed to be based off of the 1980′s Apple II Transylvania series, but no one has played those games. So instead, it’s based off the Twilight book series, which is much more frightening.

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In this podcast, you can hear all these things, and more:

  • Bella is whiny, and nobody likes her.
  • Our heroes are infinitely more interested in Broadway showtunes than the plot of the game.
  • Bigfoot attempts to marry Maid Christina.
  • Maid Anna, who is a vampire princess, has surprisingly little influence with the vampires.
  • The maids attempt the really bad strategy of trying to seduce Jacob, the Sexy Werewolf. As a result, Maids Bob and Jedulara fall in love with Jacob.
  • Maid Pat gets horribly drunk.
  • Master Milo attempts to free his maids, but he also falls for Jacob’s charms. Can no one stop the sexy werewolf?
  • Maid Diana imitates a Japanese character none of us know about, and gets a +4 bonus.
  • The maids accidentally start the werewolf/vampire war, instead of preventing it.
  • While an epic battle takes place in the background, our heroes talk to Midna from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
  • Someone with a manly beard appears, and he slaughters the Twilight vampires en masse.
  • The maids fight some low-level stooges.


Now our maids have half of the beard amulet! Can they find the other beards in time and defeat Giggedy-Giggedy-Giygas? Or will they get distracted by trivia questions? Stay tuned to Maid RPG, to find out!

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