Maid RPGcast – Part 1: Let Them Eat Cake

Maid RPGcast – Part 1: Let Them Eat Cake

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The Crystalis D&Dcast was so much fun that we here at GameCola decided to record another RPG podcast. And while some people might be satisfied with Dungeons & Dragons, we knew there was only one RPG that could fit this occasion:


MAID: The Role Playing Game is a wacky Japanese game in which the players get to be maids. In this, our first installment, we meet the six maids who will be playing the game.

  • Christian “Christina” Porter, the bazooka-wielding pyromaniac who destroyed her own homeland.
  • Anna “Anna” Bryniarski, the vampire princess with mind-control powers.
  • Alex “Jedulara” Jedraszczak, the cool chef who is rivals with Christina.
  • Joseph “Bob” Martin, the sexy fairy with a violent streak and an uneding supply of bombs.
  • Diana “Diana” Gray, the half-human, half-rabbit maid who wears adventure game pants.
  • Sean “Pat” Laurvick, the fortune teller who accidentally killed her former lover.

There is also Michael Gray, who stars as Master Milo, the ten-year-old boy thirty-year-old man who is destined to save the world, by using the power of beards. Sounds exciting, right? You’ll definitely want to download the podcast on iTunes, or listen to it here:

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This fun-filled podcast has three distinct sections!

  • 00:00–19:09: We set up the various characters! For nineteen minutes.
  • 19:10–36:40: To get everyone used to the game mechanics, we have a simple intro challenge, where the maids must bake a cake for Master Milo. Their efforts are hindered by an obese, spork-wielding unicorn who wants to eat their cakes. Jedulara technically loses the game at this point, but we let her keep playing anyway.
  • 36:41–47:03: Now that all the intro material is done, the real game begins! A meteorite crashes into the mansion, and Buzz Buzz the bee warns our heroes that Giggedy-Giggedy-Giygas is going to rule the world! With the help of his non-bearded maids, Milo discovers that his father was the superhero Beard Man! The seven of them begin their epic quest to find the three missing pieces of the Beard Amulet.  Like any epic quest, the search begins in the basement.

So listen to the podcast, have fun, and look forward to Part 2 next week! Maid on, everyone!

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