GC Podcasts #41-43 on YouTube: No More Turnabouts

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In what no one lovingly calls “the Phoenix Wright block,” not one, not two, but three consecutive podcasts in GameCola’s archives pertain primarily to everyone’s favorite spiky-haired lawyerdude, Ph…Phoo…um…what’s-his-name.

No More TurnaboutsThis guy. Wait; not this guy. Why is he even here?

Podcast #41, “No More Phoenix Wright!”, is notable for being the last podcast on our YouTube channel to be split into multiple parts. Podcast #42, “Turnabout Musical Interview,” is notable for featuring the cast of the fan-created Phoenix Wright musical. Podcast #43, “Turnabout Musical Interview,” is…hey, this is the same podcast, just split into multiple parts! I’m such a liar.

If you need your Phoenix Wright fix, or just want to see completely unrelated video footage of Link to the Past, The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, Aladdin, and Graffiti Man, then simply follow the scent of fresh lemons, you see.

For the rest of Podcast #41, pay a visit to the full podcast playlist, pal.

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