BREAKING: Investigating in 3D! And a New Trailer!

BREAKING: Investigating in 3D! And a New Trailer!

So apparently my boss didn’t exactly know what to call my article last time. Fanfiction? Well, not really, because it actually happened, and although I am a fan, I’m also on the staff. So we settled on “staff non-fiction” and called it a day.

Well, your faithful reporter is back with more news, and has decided to write it in the style of staff non-fiction for three reasons:

  • It was popular, the second of my articles to get onto the Top Articles list.
  • Writing straightforward news articles is too mainstream, wouldn’t you say?
  • Hopefully more creative writing from this staff writer will make my boss forget that I’ve been slacking off on 101010.

Anyway, on with the story! … Er, non-fiction…oh whatever.


GameCola staff writer Diana Gray woke up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore coming through her open window. “Shhhh,” she grumbled, chucking a pillow at the offending sound. “It’s only ten AM.” But the harm was done. Diana was awake.

She pulled her laptop toward her and logged in to Facebook. “Hmm?” The Ace Attorney Facebook page had posted a new video, huh? “Let’s check it out.”

Diana clicked on the link. The first thing she saw almost gave her a heart attack. “AHHHH!”

Dual Destinies…is rated M?!

Not that it really mattered to the fangirl; she was old enough to play M games. But still, it was an intriguing development. What did they plan on doing to the game that would involve raising the rating?

The gameplay appeared to be the tutorial portion of the investigation from Case 2 featuring Apollo and Athena, Diana quickly concluded. The graphics looked pretty good…wait. “Find him before he’s fully digested.” “Who?” Diana muttered. “And digested by what?”

Using the 3D capabilities was a big step forward, most clearly seen in investigation scenes like this, Diana realized. The new 3D environments allowed Apollo and Athena to search under tables and chairs by changing the view of the camera and zoom in to specific portions of the room. She also began to get why the rating was higher. There was A LOT of blood in the scene…and what is this? Looks like…a WILL? Mr. Wright’s Last Will?!

“I knew it, Phoenix is dead!” the fangirl wailed (even though she hadn’t even remotely suspected anything of the sort five minutes before. It’s a fangirl thing). “They lied to us! He’s not coming back after the tutorial case!” Mr. Wright’s phone only proved the point in Diana’s mind. “He was eaten by a giant bird-monster!” she lamented. And then the video ended. “What?! That’s it! That’s all you’re giving me, Capcom?!”


After a couple hours at the beach to calm her down, Diana Gray returned to her room to write an article about her experience that morning.

“Wait, what’s this? A new video?” A Simon Blackquill trailer had been posted to the Ace Attorney YouTube page.

Diana watched curiously. It went over all the major points she already knew—he’s a prosecutor, he’s in prison, he has an outrageously large ponytail. “He sure makes a lot of sword analogies,” she said. “Maybe he’s also a pirate.” She burst out laughing when he couldn’t do a proper finger point because of his handcuffs, and when his hawk attacked Apollo. She had a feeling that the hawk would soon become her second favorite character.

Still, it was nice to get a feel for his character and to hear his objection and theme music, Diana reflected, as she closed her laptop. The beach was calling her name.


Well, there you have it, my faithful fellow fans (try saying that five times fast). Can’t wait to see what else Capcom has in store for us…wait.


*Fangirl explosion*

Article rating: 8.25 BEARDS out of 10

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