CONTEST: Maid RPG Giveaway!

CONTEST: Maid RPG Giveaway!

Maid RPG is returning to the GameCola Podcast in the near future. Before that happens, we’re holding a Maid RPG contest!

The contest rules are simple.  All you have to do is create your own maid character. Post a description of your character in the comments (or email it to us), and you could win one of these fabulous prizes!

Second Place: A picture of your maid!
First Place: A shoutout in the GameCola Maid RPG.
Grand Prize: A free copy of Maid RPG, signed by Andy Kitkowski, the game’s producer!


Those are some amazing prizes, right? The deadline for the competition is Friday, July 26! Send in your entries before then, and you could win!

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