Maid RPGcast – Part 3: A Scary Little Christmas

Maid RPGcast – Part 3: A Scary Little Christmas

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maid-rpg-podcastIt’s Part 3 of the Maid RPG podcast! This week, Master Milo and his maids arrive in the frozen north, where they must climb a mountain and save Christmas! This level is vaguely based on Secret of Mana and Treasure MathStorm!.

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In this podcast, you will hear these things, and more:

  • Everyone gets pickaxes for a climbing wall
  • Our heroes struggle with difficult riddles, like “What time is it one hour after seven?”
  • Frosty the Snowman goes on a murderous rampage
  • The maids rob corpses
  • It’s TRIVIA TIME! There are six trivia questions, all dealing with snow levels in videogames!
  • Maid Jedulara fails yet again to get any bonus favor points

  • Maid Jedulara drops the Master off a cliff
  • Our heroes purchase a giant seesaw
  • Maid Jedulara demonstrates her knowledge of the identity property
  • Maid Diana temporarily forgets that you can’t date dead people
  • Maid Christina gets five favor for excellent singing
  • Paranormal gynecologist Meteo Xavier gives one of the maids a pregnancy scare
  • Santa Claus turns into a super Saiyan
  • Master Milo accidentally confuses 9 for 15
  • Maid Anna defeats Santa Claus by crying

Next time, our maids visit the Wild West and get the final piece of the Beard Amulet! Can they save the world, or will they get distracted by silly things like cowboy hats and ponies? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!

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