Mega Man Madness!

Mega Man Madness!

MM Madness BannerPhoenix Wright may get all the attention here at GameCola, but there’s another Capcom character we love: What’s-His-Face. Mega Man. We’ve had plenty of reviews, but how often do you get to watch the Blue Bomber in action?

Very often. Just keep hitting “replay” on our videos; you don’t need to work today.

Now conveniently grouped together into consolidated playlists are Michael Gray’s playthrough videos for not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, but however many comes after that different Mega Man games! Which have been around on our YouTube channel forever, but maybe you missed them. Behold!

Mega Man 1 & 3 (NES)

Technically the GameCube ports of these games as found in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. These videos feature some delightful video titles and an embarrassing mix-up about the identity and gender of Mega Man’s brother, Proto Man. Here’s a sample of what you’re in for…or you can live dangerously (minimal danger involved) and view the full playlist:

Mega Man I-III (GB)

Don’t let the Roman numerals fool you; these are exactly the same games as the ones above. Wait. That’s only partially true. See for yourself as Michael gives questionable advice about bird avoidance, falls into a bottomless pit when discussing the easiness of these jumps, and discovers how many hits it takes to get to the center of a Mega Man. (A one! A two-hoo! A three.) There’s more where this came from in the full playlist:

Mega Man X1-2 (SNES)

Technically the PlayStation 2 ports of these games as found in the Mega Man X Collection. These videos are rather informative and professional, as long as you can’t tell the difference between Vile and Sigma either. Stay tuned for the part where Michael talks about how an impossibly tricky jump will take him a few tries, and he makes it beautifully on the first attempt. I’ll casually mention the words “full playlist” and see what happens.

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