• Leaving – An Apollo Justice Fanfiction

    The sad backstory of Thalassa and Apollo. If you happen to use a standing workstation, you may want to be sitting down for this one.

  • Ace Attorney 5 Announced.

    While there's no word yet on when it's coming out, what platform it's being developed for, or whether it's coming out in the U.S.

  • GC Podcast #28: A God Among Men

    In this edition of The GameCola Podcast, Michael Gray, Michael Ridgaway, Vangie Rich, Paul Franzen, and Elizabeth Medina-Gray discuss Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, the Phoenix Wright s

  • Off-Topic Podcast #2: Giant Squid Scenes

    You know how DVDs these days all have "bonus scenes"—that is, scenes that weren't good enough for the actual movie, so they were cut out and used as "special features" for the home video release? Wo

  • A Suitable Halloween Costume

    Halloween is here, and that means it's time for everyone to come up with costumes. This year, I was thinking of going as Phoenix Wright. As my staff photo proves, it wouldn't be too difficult for me t

  • The Ten Reasons: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

    Welcome to The Ten Reasons, where I discuss ten reasons why I like or dislike a game. You know, I wanted to write a review for Apollo Justice this month, but it turns out that Zach Rich already did i

  • Best- and Worst-Reviewed Games of 2008

    This is something I was hoping to include in the 2008 awards article, but that article already had too many words. So here it is, instead. It's a blog exclusive!Best Reviewed Game of 2008Super Smash

  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (DS)

    My friends, it's sad for me to say that, as of this publication, my dear editor, Paul Franzen, has written me off as mentally insane. When I told him I would write a review for Apollo Justice: Ace Att