• Burnout Paradise (PS3)

    I was once in a traffic accident, you know. A small fender bender, in which I slightly dented the back bumper of the white van driving in front of me during a hectic Belfast rush hour. The driver and

  • Soldier of Fortune: Payback (X360)

    Until about a week ago, I wandered through life confident that all limbs and extremities were firmly attached and unlikely to pop off without undue provocation. However, after ten minutes in the sweat

  • Versus Mode: PS2 vs. PS3, Videogame Crash, the N-Gage, and More

    GameCola's newest writers discuss whether it makes sense to still publish games for the PS2, whether we're headed for another videogame crash, the N-Gage, and more.

  • Assassin’s Creed (X360)

    I wish I were a hitman.  Seriously.  From Agent 47 to Leon, they get the best of everything—the biggest guns, the fastest cars, the smartest getaways and the very best of lines.  There's not a si