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Alex "Jeddy" Jedraszczak is presiding Editor-in-Chief at GameCola, not only editing content but often writing it as well. On top of all this GameCola work, he also develops indie games.
Diana is GameCola's resident fangirl of many things, but predominantly Ace Attorney. She has her own YouTube channel where she dates birds (and other animals) and often makes people cry, mostly herself.
Joseph Martin is the Podcast Commander of the monthly GameCola Podcast, and appears in many of the other podcasts of the site. He's also known to write a review or two, or news pieces about the latest Mega Man knock-off.
Nathaniel Hoover is almost certainly GameCola's most verbose staff member, and arguably the most eclectic. As administrator of the GameCola YouTube channel (GCDotNet), occasional contributor to every article category on the site, and staff editor, you're pretty much stuck with him wherever you go. Sorry.
Anna Bryniarski is a pretty uninteresting person with an interesting last name. She also has the best self esteem ever, right next to that casserole that's been in the fridge for weeks wondering why no one's eaten it. She's also definitely a Disney princess and GameCola's social media trash queen.
Blu Ryder is the GameCola member voted "Most Likely To Accidentally Derail Video Game Discussions By Talking About Comic Books And How Complicated They Are". Okay, not yet, but it's inevitable. Blu also has streamed on Twitch and plans to again...someday...
James is a programmer by day, and a gamer by night. He co-administrates the GameCola YouTube channel, too. He's also a guy who loves space and history, and talking about video games! Writes articles and stuff every 20XX years.
Dan Conlin hasn't filled out their user profile. If you really want to know more, why not email them?
Daniel Castro is a freelance writer, translator, and localizator. He loves to write about videogames as much as he loves to play them. You can learn more about him and his pixelated life at

From 2007 to 2016

Michael Gray is a staff writer for GameCola, who focuses on adventure games, videos and writing videogame walkthroughs.
Patrick J. Humphrey often loves more than life itself. He can even be convinced to talk about videogames for its sake, and, in the words of one of his favorite authors, "that says things!"
John Rizzi is a new video content creator for GameCola's youtube channel. He's also a major in film editing and loves dogs above everything else.
Obviously, I'm Robyn. I'm a nonbinary godmonster(my pronouns are ze/hir), into videogames, and other stuff. I'm back to writing about gender and videogames and why you're secretly trans for playing Metroid on an emulator.
Shannon Hoover (aka "Z-Saber", "smelliga", "the cool Hoover") is a PC gamer who enjoys RPGs, point-and-click adventures, HOGs, third-person fantasy, puzzle games, and obscure independent titles. Her attempts at platformers and first-person shooters have been deemed a National Disgrace. When not playing videogames, she is an artist, a skald, a blogger, and a couch potato.
Terrence Atkins has long nails with blood on them.
Matt has been playing videogames since he first handled a Sega Genesis controller (and subsequently a Super Nintendo controller) in 1996, but now his life has spiraled out of control and he's a videogame collector and historian. Gaming is a gigantic part of his life, and trust me, he makes sure everyone knows it.