• Top of the Heap: Religious Games (Part Two)

    This month’s adjective: It’s still Bibletasticness. The Bibletasticness score does not factor in to the overall score, but it will let you know how closely these games follow Biblical scripture and how far down your throat it will be shoved.

  • Top of the Heap: Religious Games (Part One)

    Since the beginning of time, or of videogames, at least, no games have sucked with the kind of consistence that religious games have. I’m kicking this column off with a big genre, so we’ll do this in two parts and look at half of the games this time and the other half next month.

  • The King of Kings (NES)

    King of Kings is another Nintendo game that is based on the silly false religion that every one of my neighbors seem to be so gung-ho about. King of Kings actually consists of three short games that a