• Live in Yore World #6

    Another in our series of the evolution of technology, albeit a less exciting one. An example of how less is needed to store a lot more. Note: The dimensions are rough measurements, so don't get all pe

  • Live in Yore World #5

    Who would have ever guessed that before Sega was in the videogames business, it created such stylish little machines such as the Super Control Station? It's in Italian so I have NO idea what it does,

  • Live in Yore World #4

    It only takes one look.

  • Live in Yore World #3

    Some games go down in history as groundbreaking, genre-defining masterpieces...

  • Live in Yore World #2

    This ad really pissed me off at the time, 'cause I love dogs, and I love my Game Boy.The Game Gear is okay, but the amount of power it drained is phenomenal!Sega did a few of these ads, bagging Ninten

  • Live in Yore World #1

    You’ve gotta note the expression on the kids’ faces hey, ‘specially the one playing the Game Boy!  I wonder how much shit he got in high school after this 🙂 Game Boy was fun, but never THAT fun!