• … of the Month: Snapple Apple

    Normally, I write my little "... of the Month" section about some sort of video game or video game related thing, but Snapple Apple is a worthy exception. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, "Why would I want to try this drink? I've had apple juice before; I know what it tastes like." That's an understandable reaction, but you're wrong; sorry buddy. Snapple Apple is different from all other apple juices in one major way... it actually tastes like an apple. Now I know some of you Apple Jacks people will tell me that tasting like apple isn't everything, but this drink is far superior to any other apple beverages I've had, and believe me, I've had my share of apple beverages. The first time I tried this I was actually surprised that it tasted just like I had bitten into a nice fresh apple, and I'm sure all of you critics out there will feel the same way. So, if you are tired of all those meddling kids out there telling you that tasting like apple is a bad thing, go out to your local Snapple emporium and buy yourself a case of Snapple Apple... seriously, 100% of people polled love the stuff.