• Dear Readers: The Greatest GameCola Writer of All Time

    There are many former and present GameCola writers who could be considered the greatest of all time. With alum such as Jenna Ogilvie and Neal Iannone, and with staff such as Eric Regan and Zack Huffman, it’d be nigh-on impossible for one lone man to figure out who, exactly, is the best. And yet, one lone man took this challenge, and his name is Paul Franzen.

  • Dear Readers: The Inventor of l33t

    You can thank me. You—yeah, you with the teeth—can thank me. I did something ages ago that bettered your life, and I'm not talking about the time I figured out how to put on both socks using only my feet. (You think it sounds easy? Try it sometime.) I'm not even talking about GameCola, though goodness knows many lives has been bettered by that.