GC Podcast #59: Mike & Jeddy’s Bonus Journey

GC Podcast #59: Mike & Jeddy’s Bonus Journey


Returning this season at its previously scheduled time, the Mike & Jeddy Show is back! Join Alex Jedraszczak and Michael Gray as they talk about stuff vaguely related to videogames! Cut down to an hour and twenty minutes from almost four hours of recorded podcast, listen as the two of them casually discuss such exciting topics as:

  • The PlayStation 4 is coming out!
  • Neither Jeddy nor Michael even has a PlayStation 3
  • Final Fantasy Tactics, Xenogears, and other games we used to enjoy but were actually bad
  • Final Fantasy X HD is announced, but still not Final Fantasy VII HD
  • Jeddy hasn’t owned a Nintendo console since the Super Nintendo
  • Monster Rancher
  • Let’s Plays of Let’s Plays
  • Flying unicorns are totally a thing
  • Meteors hitting schools in The Sims 3
  • Modern gaming technology has finally been able to replicate Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair
  • Are “Bonus Editions” worth the money? How much gaming is a dollar worth?
  • Almost three hours of off-topic that was cut out of the podcast

No, seriously, most of the podcast was Michael and Jeddy talking about Disney, The Simpsons, and Dragon Ball Z. The excised content has been saved for posterity, but don’t expect to hear it until I get through the other three or four hours of off-topic content already in the queue. Should Michael and Jeddy be allowed to podcast by themselves anymore? You be the judge!

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