Your Top 10 Favorite Games: Kyle Ogilvie

Kyle Ogilvie's top 10 favorite videogames.

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GameCola fans and writers describe their favorite (and sometimes least favorite) games of all time.

Kyle Ogilvie’s Top 10 Favorite Games

10.  Paper Mario (N64): Quite possibly the best RPG for N64.  Quite possibly the ONLY RPG for N64.  I know all you diehard Zelda fans out there will be yelling and screaming Ocarina of Time was the best RPG.  Oh contraire, my Zelda crazed fanatics; Zelda was not a true RPG.  Anywho, Paper Mario was a nice relief from the adventure games Mario calls home.

9.  Banjo-Kazooie (N64): This awesome game was produced by, in my humble opinion, the best designing company for N64.  Unfortunately, that company dropped out of existence when GameCube was released.  This company is, of course, Rare.  And this was one of their masterpieces.  The sheer genius of a bear and a bird in a backpack won me over, and the AMAZING quality of the game makes it number 9 on my list, even after the release of GameCube.

8.  Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance (GCN): A very good fighting game.  I liked the graphics a lot, along with the new innovative additions, including weapons, Kurrency, and Lei Mei.  However, the crippling blow was that of the finishing moves.  One fatality per person, with no stage fatalities?!  What is this world coming to?

7.  Mortal Kombat Trilogy (N64): Can’t beat the classics.  Especially when the classics involve numerous Fatalities, TOASTY, and Sheeva.

tjesn6.  Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver, etc. (GBO/C/A): This game, while not the best, ranks number 5 for a number of unusual reasons.  For one thing, you can play this game over and over again and not fully explore the whole thing.  Another reason is the decent plot and gameplay.  While not the best, I have played many that were worse.  The final is the portability.  You can take it ANYWHERE you want! (On the crapper for example (not that I have ever done that) or on long car rides.)

5.  Pikmin (GCN): This game is not only one of the must fun I have ever played, but one of the most innovative.  Who would ever think of little people with flowers coming out of their heads that can attack weird enemies with terrible ferocity?  It is PURE genius.  Who wouldn’t like to have a personal army of little symbiotes to do your bidding?

4.  Super Smash Bros. Melee (GCN): Ever heard about how sequels rarely surpass their predecessors?  This one definitely DOES, by a long shot.  In addition to the almost infinite things you can unlock and collect, this game gets its place from the awesome multiplayer and single player action.  Just play the game.  You’ll see what I mean.

3.  Animal Crossing (GCN): This game rocks, hands down.  Though at first glance it looks very cartoonish/childish, it is an extremely complex game that provides hours upon hours of fun.  The game is constantly changing, providing new challenges, characters, and items to keep the game interesting.  The, most probably, best feature in the game is the ability to interact with other players.  Up to four can live in a town, and you can visit other players’ towns!  But, the true beauty of this game is that you can’t win it, much like The Sims.  And, due to the ever changing gameplay, you can come back every day (this game uses real time!) and find something new.

2.  ToeJam and Earl (SG): Need I even say anything?  IT IS THE MOST AMAZING SEGA GAME EVER.  End of story.  Awesome two player action, the random mode (always different), presents, the ranking system… I can’t name everything good or else I would fill up all of GameCola.  PLAY THIS GAME.  NOW.

1.  TIE:  Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time (N64) & Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GCN): I don’t think I even need to say anything about Ocarina of Time.  (I will anyway.)  It’s an AMAZING game, with an amazing storyline, characters, gameplay, the list goes on and on.  Wind Waker is also amazing, with certain minor let downs.  But, it ties with Ocarina of Time, because of the graphics, and COMPLETELY new storyline, characters, enemies, places, and items.

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From 2003 to 2004

Kyle Ogilvie is a former staff member from GameCola's early days as a monthly email newsletter.

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