Pokémon Snap (N64)

It's a Pokémon game where you capture Pokémon!

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  • System: Nintendo 64
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Max Players: 1
  • Age Rating: Everyone
  • US Release: June 1999
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo

Pokémon Snap is, as its title might suggest, a Pokémon game.  Unbelievable, I know.  But its not just any Pokémon game; no, it’s a Pokémon game where you capture Pokémon!  How does that make it different from other Pokémon games, you ask?  Because you capture the Pokémon on film, hence the “Snap” in Pokémon Snap.

While it might seem like a rather boring concept at first, it is actually quite amusing.  Just cruising along, snapping pictures of Pokémon, trying to get them to perform special poses for bonus points.  Okay, it might be a little boring when I say it that way; but trust me, it’s not.  You do not just sit and click away happily.  You take an active role in obtaining the perfect picture by using various items to manipulate the Pokémon into coming closer, falling unconscious, or dancing.  Yes, even dancing.  Watching some of these Pokémon dance is sure to make you laugh with glee at such a ridiculous sight.

The game’s music is definitely not awe-inspiring.  However, it does fit the scenery.  The sounds of rushing water on the river rapids level, mostly natural type sounds fill the speakers and your ears.  snapsn1Frankly, it drove me nuts after about five seconds of the repetitive sounds.  Now I know why I don’t go camping that often.  And why I don’t like the area where I live, with all the crickets chirping constantly.  AHH!!!

Control is average for an N64 game.  A little annoying at times, but good.  There’s not much else to say about that.  This game really shines in the visuals department.  Granted, the whole game is a little cartoonish, but that fits the Pokémon style quite well.  And the Pokémon are amazing.  Watching a giant Kangashkan roar at you; the spray of water as a Magikarp evolves into Gyrados and bursts out from behind a waterfall; the quizzical look on a Sandslash as it cocks its head at you and gives you puppy-dog eyes.  And let’s not forget dancing Meowth and dancing Snorlax.  All of these make you feel like you’re right there with them.

This game is guaranteed to give you hours and hours of fun.  Trying to get that perfect shot with a great pose by the Pokémon.  And trying to see all of the different ways you can affect the Pokémon with items.  Of course, once you see all of these things, they will quickly grow old.  And don’t forget that, with the right accessories, you can even print your photos, if I remember correctly.  Just don’t ask me what you need to do it, ’cause I don’t know.  It should be enough for you people just to see your pictures on the television.

  • GameCola Rates This Game: 6 - Above Average
  • Score Breakdown

  • Fun Score: 7
  • Audio Score: 4
  • Visuals Score: 7
  • Controls Score: 8
  • Replay Value: 8
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