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What happened to Jenna’s column?  As only the most casual of video game players, that, more than anything else, was drawing my interest to GameCola each month.  I have no plans of canceling my subscription, but I’m wondering if you’re working on getting Jenna’s column or something similar back into the magazine.

– D-Rod

I am going to stop reading of Monkey Boy Geoff and Brian Wolf don’t start writing again.

– Richard Franzen

Dear GameCola,

I’ve been reading your website for a long time though I’ve never e-mailed you before. I’m only doing so now because I take issue with a few things in your latest update:

  1. In Stuart Gipp’s Top 10 Video Games list, he placed Mickey Mouse’ Castle of Illusions at #4, and Dynamite Headdy at #2. In your latest “issue”, Stuart claims that Castle of Illusions is “the greatest game ever made”, and gives the game a higher rating than he did Dynamite Headdy in the very same issue. You can’t have it both ways, Stu; either Dynamite Headdy is better, or Mickey Mouse is better. Also, what of Astro Boy, which Stuart has as number one on his top ten list? How is it that this game (among three others) is better than the number one game of all time?
  2. Does Allec Johnson REALLY need to tell us every paragraph to visit I don’t think it’s just this past update that he’s been doing this… Also, “game on my brothas and sistas” sounds kind of dumb, if you ask me.
  3. Some of the submissions (artwork, specifically) really don’t have much to do with video games (see Harry Potter drawing). Shouldn’t they? Is this not a video game web site?
  4. Something I’ve noticed in Brian Vanek’s writing is that he should try to use compound sentences more often. Saying things like “I like this game. Because it is good. It also has good graphics.” gets boring after just one paragraph, and he goes on for several more in a similar fashion.
  5. Has anything ever actually been learned in “You Learn Something New Every Play”? It sounds like you’re just giving a fancy title to an ordinary article.

This is getting ridiculous. Please fix this. (oh man, I was starting to write like Vanek there for a second, better catch myself).

– Matthew M. Matthews

P.S. No, my name is definitely not fake in any way, and is certainly not meant to be some sort of crude parody of the fact that 76% of all people on GameCola’s staff are named Matt.

i got this games tomba one, for the playstation one , can you send me the page tell you now to play    , i got  it at game stop they dont have the book os i konw how to play this games

thank you

– josephine jessing


Earthbound, Saturn Valley


Tetris and a Rupee


– Brian Vanek

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