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Favorite Part of the Last Issue

I loved the article on Chip’s Challenge. I used to play that at my grandmother’s house and I had forgotten all about it. As soon as I saw the banner with “Chip’s Challenge” spread across it something in my brain went off. After 15 seconds of sheer anticipation (I’m still stuck with dial-up, please don’t laugh at me) I saw a picture of one of my old favorites. I rushed out to any store I could find and finally found it. Collecting keys, opening doors, and sliding along the paths will now be available to me 24/7 because of the article. Thank you so much for reuniting me with my long lost friend!

– Brian Nelson

Kevin: Well, I’m glad to see you enjoyed it so much. It’s been a long time I’ve seen it myself. As much as hate to say it though, if you’ve now bought a copy, you may have been ripped off. A link or two for you and anyone else who might be interested, I’ll put up some downloads of the games for GameCola readers, seeing as how they’re freely available elsewhere on the net: — “Chip’s Challange” — The original. — “Tile World” — aka the “new” Chip’s Challenge.


Dear Readers,

when is that tara reid movie you mentioned coming out, it sounds hottt

Paul: You’re in luck—it’s already out! Read all about it right here.

How could you rip on DSI for their remade arcade games? You whippersnappers today don’t know these classic games. DSI is just trying to bring some sanity to the ADD Gen-Y gaming generation. I say bravo DSI. Now where is that remade Lock-n-Chase I’ve been searching for?

– Rick Franzen, 2005 GameCola Reader of the Year

Zack’s review of Spiritual Warfare

“Finally, you go head to head with the dark lord himself, Satan. What is Satan’s weakness? Obviously, it’s fruit. This game makes no damn sense at all. Much like Christianity.”

The review was absolutely hilarious until that last sentence. Listen, buddy, some of us gamers ARE Christians. I’m one of them, and I’m offended that you tacked on that little piece of bigotry at the end. Keep your anti-semetic oppinions to yourself!

Zack: My cheap shot at Christianity should not have come as a total surprise. Any one of the eight regular readers of GameCola could tell you that I’ve always been one to take a cheap shot when given the opportunity. I’m well aware that some gamers are Christians, but as I’ve insinuated if not outright stated, I have very little respect for gamers. The same goes for Christianity.

Don’t get me wrong—I don’t have a problem with most Christians. A lot of you seem to be fairly decent individuals, and it’s not that I dislike the person; I just happen to think that your system of beliefs is completely insane, laughable even. But hey, if you want believe that there’s this man in the clouds armed with lightning bolts just waiting to strike two kissing boys, then that’s your prerogative. I’m just going to make fun of you for it.

I found the last line of your e-mail to be the most interesting one. Your demand for me to keep my “anti-semetic oppinions” to myself was as prophetic as it was irrelevant to my review of Spiritual Warfare. I’m amazed that you somehow know that I’m reviewing Jewish Saul’s Spectacular Hebrew Adventure for the Super Nintendo. Though to be fair, I imagine the review will contain a lot more anti-Semitic-game opinions than actual anti-Semitic opinions.

Bradley’s review of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Okay, maybe I’m crazy, and perhaps I should feel ashamed, but I actually did enjoy this game! Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that I’ve never seen/heard of the movie, and had no idea the game existed until it was sprung on me after the removal of a blindfold (long story).

But in any case, I had a blast making zombies dance and hearing little kids yell “Miii-iiiichael!”. Plus, the game has such a silly premise. Okay, so maybe most of the fun I had with this game came from making fun of it, but I would totally give it a higher fun level than 2. But that’s just me. 🙂

Bradley: I honestly couldn’t force myself to have fun with this game. Granted, it’s silly, and silly games can be fun (see: Katamari Damacy); but it still sucked in every way possible. To each their own, though!

C’mon, this game is so much fun BECAUSE it blows!  It’s sheer cheesiness and stupidity make it awesome!

– Mark “WTC” Freedman

Bradley: If a game sucking gives it a higher rating, then Bible Adventures for NES is the greatest game ever.

Travis’ review of Jurassic Park

I’m not really a fan of video games, but Travis’s reviews every month are unbelievably fun and a great read. They are the only reason I come to this site.

Joel’s review of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

with 2 versions of Castlevania being created for the N64 and also another before this on PS2, wouldn’t this actually be the 4th 3D installment?

I totally agree about the Castlevania remake for GBA. Those madusa heads are total pricks lol.

Joel: I lost interest in my N64 very early so could possibly be wrong; however, the franchise hasn’t had much popularity until the PS2. While I know Symphony of the Night has a cult following, it didn’t really generate numbers until its’ price was lowered to $19.99

Low-Rent Adventures in Japan

We have a water shortage here in Fukuoka, yet these fucktards persist in hosing down the concrete. I swear to God, they’ve got nothing going on upstairs!

What the Crap?s

I like these articles. Despite what’d you think from the title, these articles are most definitely _not_ crap.

Great Moments in Gaming

I want to buy this game. You’re very convincing.

– Lizo

The Educated Gamer

Boring, short, pointless. And what’s the deal? Games are way easier these days.

Joel: Fair criticism. I wanted to get something off my chest. Look forward to a captivating article next issue.

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