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“Fabricated News” here, with the latest Phoenix Wright news scoop! We now have a cover for the upcoming Miles Edgeworth 2 game!


The fans have gone completely crazy over the boxart and what it means. To save you time, I’m going to recap the fan discussion about all four characters:

  1. Miles Edgeworth. The artwork for him looks just like in the other games, but some people are convinced that he looks completely different. Just examine his new, chiseled jawline. Check out the longer, smoother nose. Gaze in amazement upon his bigger-than-normal eyes. These are all small changes in his artwork, to be sure, but the overall effect is that Edgeworth is now much more attractive. Did he undergo cosmetic surgery, or is Capcom trying to sell more copies of the game by making the lead character better looking?
  2. Kay Faraday. None of the fans had anything interesting to say about her.
  3. Unknown Man. This unknown person with an afro and a fedora appears to be some kind of reporter. Some people think he will be a nice guy, because afros are cool and so are fedoras. Other people think he will be a minor antagonist, someone who will hassle Edgeworth in his quest for the latest big news scoop. Still other people think that this is really Detective Gumshoe, who got plastic surgery along with Edgeworth.
  4. Judge Hakari.  The female judge is confirmed as Edgeworth’s main rival for this game. She is supposed to be a combination of “mysterious” and “gorgeous.” Everyone is interested in seeing what direction they are going to take this character. Emphasizing the “mysterious” part could work well; after all, the two mysterious Phoenix Wright characters are fan favorites Miles Edgeworth and Godot. If they emphasize the “gorgeous” part of her character, she could end up being a potential love interest for Edgeworth, but most likely, the shallow-minded producers will define “gorgeous” as “she has big cleavage,” just like in the other games in the series. If they emphasize the fact that she’s Edgeworth’s rival, that could also be exciting, because she’s a judge, so Edgeworth will have to do what she says, no matter what. What happened to Edgeworth’s other rivals, though?

The other news about this game is that the first case takes place at Gourd Lake. They’ve decided to try something new and make the first case really long, as opposed to making it a short, intro level. Four characters have been confirmed so far for this case, besides the Gumshoe/Faraday/Edgeworth trio.


  1. The President of Zheng Fa. Don’t get too attached to this guy, because he’s the victim. I’m digging the purple outfit, though.
  2. Female Reporter. Yep, another reporter. Either that, or Lotta Hart got an extreme makeover. Why did everyone get a makeover for this game?
  3. The President’s Bodyguard. I’m guessing this guy is not a very good bodyguard, because he let his client get killed. He is a chess enthusiast, so he introduces the new Logic Chess gameplay element (hence the checkered tie).  The evil grin on his face and the gun in his hand make him look a little suspicious, in my opinion.
  4. Shelley de Killer. Is he involved in the murder plot, or does he just want to eat his ice cream in peace?

This game will be released on February 3, 2011. The Japanese gaming magazine that released this information also had an article about Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright, but it contained no new information, except for the fact that the Layton people are officially in charge of writing the script. Expect to see robots and explosions, in that case.

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