Ace Attorney 5 Announced.

While there's no word yet on when it's coming out, what platform it's being developed for, or whether it's coming out in the U.S.

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pwtitle2Thanks to Aubrey for the tip!

While there’s no word yet on when it’s coming out, whether it stars Phoenix Wright or He Who Must Not Be Named, or whether it’s coming out in the U.S., confirms this morning that the big news Capcom has been hyping for Ace Attorney fans is indeed Ace Attorney 5.


Of course, this isn’t the first time Ace Attorney 5 has been “announced”—we’ve been hearing reports going so far back as 2007 that the game was under development. But at the time, the project was shelved so the developers could work on the Ace Attorney Investigations series (purportedly not due to poor sales, but due to poor fan reception of Apollo Justice).

Also announced this morning was an HD iOS port of the original Phoenix Wright trilogy.

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[Edit: Notice Maya’s chin. Now you can never un-notice it.]

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  1. Hell yeah!!!! Let’s just hope Capcom doesn’t screw this up so bad, that no one will here from the series again.

    1. It’s bound to be a step up from Apollo Justice! The new play mechanics introduced in AJ + the characters and story of the original trilogy sounds like a great combo to me.

  2. An Ace Attorney game starring Voldemort?! Get ready for the world record of most fanfics about a single game.

    1. Yeah! Maybe Harry Potter can take an Ender’s Saga-style twist, wherein Harry is tried for crimes against humanity for spilling so much pure wizard blood…

      …And only one man can defend him.

  3. I just noticed something. The logo that was released to the public for this game is in blue and red. Blue = Phoenix & Red = Apollo. I think I just figured out the plot for the game. Yes I know it’s far fetched, but hey that never stopped Phoenix!

      1. So Paul, does this mean that you’re actually going to play Apollo Justice instead of just reading about the plot on the Ace Attorney wiki? 🙂

          1. Just watch. Paul is going to play Apollo Justice for the first time, and he is going to end up loving it more than the original Phoenix Wright trilogy.

          2. I’m still a little scared to. I kinda want the series to just end after the third game. I wonder what the fifth game is going to be about? Phoenix Wright, no longer a hobo, and all his friends are back like nothing ever happened?

      2. Maybe if Apollo got really pissed at Phoenix for not telling him that he’s (Spoiler Alert!) Trucy’s brother.

        1. I could actually see Capcom doing something like this…if they stopped working on PW5 because fans hated Apollo Justice, I wonder if they’d try to give fans some vindication by having Phoenix defeat him here?

          1. I don’t think that’s the reason Capcom didn’t make AA5. The fandom didn’t hate Apollo all that much. There were many people who didn’t like him as much as Phoenix, but AJ has a fanbase of it’s own.

            They didn’t make AA5 because Takumi left the team to work on Ghost Trick.

            You should play AJ, Paul. You might not hate it as much as you think you will. 😉

          2. I don’t know if it’s actually true or not, but I didn’t completely make it up! I got the info from the Ace Attorney Wiki, which got it from Court-Records:

            “Four months later, on May 4, 2008, Komachi posted on Court Records saying that development of the game had been paused. The reason given was that, while Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney had been the best-selling game in the series thus far, existing fans of the series had not received it very well, prompting them to focus their attention on Ace Attorney Investigations.”


  4. Apollo Justice 2, exclusive to Windows Mobile and iOS Devices. Slam the table and shout Objection! Twelve cases: uncover the mystery of Swan Lake, contest a parking ticket and arrest the space dog! From the developers of Dark Void… Zero! Other Ocean’s fine return to form. Rated 17+ for Trucy Wright’s Sailor Scout transformation sequence!

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