TurnaboutCola, Chapter 1: The GameCola Annual Beard Competition!

In this GameCola/Ace Attorney crossover fic, Paul's obsession with beards causes perhaps the wildest turnabout of them all...

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turnaboutlogoThis feature was submitted by GameCola superfan Diana Gray (aka Diana141).

Hello GameCola faithful! My name is Diana Gray and I am a writer of Phoenix Wright fanfiction. Just for fun and for a summer project, I decided to write a GameCola fanfiction for the amazing people on the staff. But first, a little bit of background…

So, a couple of days ago I was watching a video, and the person speaking said, “How can you write fanfiction about real people?” Immediately, I felt challenged. So I turned to my friends on the GameCola staff and asked if I could write a fanfiction starring them. The response was very enthusiastic, so I now have a cast of eight (including myself, yes I will be in this as well), and a dream. I hope you guys enjoy TurnaboutCola!


One stormy evening, some of the members of the GameCola staff were gathered together in a rather large hotel room. They included the editor-in-chief, Paul Franzen, who was sitting on an armchair, stroking his infamous beard, and reading over some printed articles for the website, red pen in hand. Alex Jedraszczak (commonly known as Jeddy) and Michael Gray were both on laptops, Jeddy working on the latest podcast, expertly editing out all the awkward silences, and Michael wrapped up in the new Nancy Drew game. Everyone in the room was giving him strange looks as he frantically told Nancy not to do something, then let out a groan of frustration as she did it anyway. By far the loudest in the room, however, were Nathaniel Hoover, Meteo Xavier, Matt Jonas, and Christian Porter, playing a videogame (what! A videogame!) on the large television. Christian’s character had just died, and the others were loudly laughing at him.

Finally Paul had had enough. “Guys,” he said, but no one listened. “Guys!” Everyone just talked louder. “Hey! Order! Order!” Everyone stopped and looked at him.

“Paul, we aren’t in a courtroom,” Nathaniel said matter-of-factly.

“Phoenix Wright references get everyone’s attention,” Paul replied. Everyone nodded; that was very true.

“So what did you want?” Meteo asked, looking a little irritated to be taken away from the game.

“Well, I assume you all know what we’re here for,” Paul said, standing and trying to look like he was in charge.

“Yes Paul, we all read the email, something about a competition?” Matt replied from the couch.

“I’m starting a new tradition, an official GameCola tradition!” Paul said proudly. “The GameCola Annual Beard Competition!”

“Paul, we all know this is just an opportunity for you to get us to admire your glorious beard,” Christian said from the corner, still sulking a little from his loss. “And we all know none of us have a beard to rival yours.”

“Still, I’m in charge here, and I say we’re doing it. I even got one of our Sarahs to come and judge!”

“Wait, judge what?” Jeddy asked in confusion. He’d been working with the sound on the podcast and had been working in headphones. As Michael filled him in, the others crowded around Paul, asking who was coming.

“I invited Diana to come, because she did awesome on the trivia during the ten-hour podcast, plus she happens to live around here. She agreed to meet us here in…” Paul checked his watch. “About now, actually.”

As soon as he said that, there was a quiet knock on the door. Meteo got up and opened it, revealing a brunette with hazel eyes and a shy smile on her face. “Hi, I’m Diana,” she said. “Is this GameCola?”

“Yep, come on in,” Meteo responded, opening the door wider and letting her in. Paul greeted her and introduced her to everyone.

“So, you know why you’re here, right?” Paul said eagerly.

“To judge some sort of competition?” Diana replied, looking a little confused.

“Not just any competition! The GameCola Annual Beard Compeition!” Paul practically yelled with excitement.

“Oh, um, ok,” Diana said slowly, backing up just the tiniest bit, looking at the other people and seeing that none of them had a beard to compete with Paul. “Well, who’s competing?”

“That part doesn’t matter,” said Paul impatiently. “Just tell me that my beard is the best and we can move on and play some videogames or something!”

“Well, alright, then.” But before she could say a word, her bag glowed with a faint light.

“Hey Diana, your bag’s glowing,” said Nathaniel, poking it gingerly.

“Oh, whoops!” said Diana, opening her purse and digging around in it. “Hmm, that’s strange,” she muttered, pulling out a pink DS Lite. It was glowing around the edges, showing that inside, the screens must be glowing a bright white. “Why is my technology so temperamental?” she whined.

“Did you leave it on?” Matt asked curiously, as she set it down on the table and everyone gathered around it.

“Yeah, I may or may not have been playing Phoenix Wright on the way over here,” she admitted sheepishly, grinning. Paul let out a barely audible groan, but everyone knew he was kidding. Diana flipped open the DS. As she did, lightning flashed, followed by a huge clap of thunder, and the lights in the hotel room flickered and went out, leaving the bright white screens as the only light. They all met each other’s eyes. Their faces all looked eerie, lit up in the pale glow.

“Hey, guys, something’s happening,” Michael said in a hushed voice, pointing at the DS. A text box had appeared and words were appearing in it, making the usual Phoenix Wright beeping sounds. The name read ‘?’

Finally… I have found you. The people who will help me achieve my plan of universe destruction.

“Wait, what?” said Diana nervously. “That definitely doesn’t sound good.” She hesitantly tapped on the screen with her stylus.

Don’t be afraid, my dear test subjects. This won’t hurt… hopefully.

“I don’t like this-” began Paul suspiciously, but as he said that, the white light seemed to get brighter, so bright it was opaque. They all managed one more confused, and in some people’s cases, scared, glances at each other before their vision faded to blank white and they could remember no more.

The mysterious person closed their DS in satisfaction. They were all here now. The only problem was there was no telling where they would show up. The person sat back, sighing. Fate would work out in the end, he supposed. No matter where they were, if they were here for long enough, this whole ‘Ace Attorney’ world, as they called it, would unravel.

“Phoenix Wright, you’ve wronged me for the last time!”

For more of Diana’s fanfiction, check out her FanFiction.net page here!


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  1. GameCola sure is interesting. Not only do we have a wide variety of staff members, but everyone who comments automatically becomes a staff member! We’ll have to move our headquarters to its own country soon.

  2. Yay, I’m famous! I’m glad you guys liked it, and thanks for linking my profile, that was nice of you. 🙂

  3. And on another topic… This GameCola superfan just got back from the Ace Attorney movie and it was amazing. Planning on writing a review for my readers right now.

    1. Actually, I lied. I’m going to see it again tomorrow! So, review will come tomorrow evening… maybe.

  4. Omg Diana, this is so cool!
    I heard them say your name on a podcast for your fanficition (and I think you mentioned it on the power hour) but I couldn’t find it. Now I will be able to! Yay! Good job!


    Somebody call a brain surgeon, because my mind was just blown.


    1. Published where? It’s on my fanfiction profile! And I appreciate the reference! 🙂

  6. Hm…I’ll need to monitor my dialogue closely for authenticity; I’m not used to people I’ve never met putting words in my mouth. Except when I was in theater, I guess. And eating Alpha-Bits.

  7. Nice! I’m glad chapter 4 popped up on the front page today, because now I know of this’s existence! Though I must say Chpt. 4 seems much longer than this was, probably since this was just an introductory chapter. Anyhoot, looking forward to the next chapters that I’m going to read right now. 🙂

    Was the 10-hour podcast really that long ago?…

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