Midnight Rescue!

Take photos of robots before midnight, or the school turns invisible!

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midnight-rescueApparently, some people here have played Treasure Mathstorm, but did anybody play Midnight Rescue? That’s another ’80s/’90s educational game for kids. Of all the Learning Company games I played when I was younger, I think this one had the most convoluted plot.

Here’s the backstory to the game: Morty got kicked out of school for being a villain, so now he’s out to get his revenge, by painting the school with invisible paint. That way, the school will turn invisible, and no one will be able to find it.

Good plan, Morty. Good plan.

For some reason, Morty can only paint the school at midnight. Hence the name of the game, Midnight Rescue. Your goal is to stop Morty, before the in-game timer reaches 12:00 AM.

Apparently, the school has a bad robot infestation, because there are five robots randomly wandering around. Morty has disguised himself as one of these robots. Your goal is to take pictures of the robots and use your reading comprehension skills to see through Morty’s disguise.

So…yeah. That’s the plot. You read short stories and take pictures of robots, in order to prevent the school from turning invisible. Fun, right? Check out the video if you’re interested in seeing what the game is like!

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  1. I had this same version back in the day. Someone I knew had it, and it included the 3.5″ disks and 5.25″ discs. I only had a 5.25 drive, so I took those, hehe. Man, I put so much time in to this game, as well as another with the same character. It took place on a Christmas-like snowy mountain with elves. I think the robots were there, too?

    Anyways, thanks for brining back some great memories. I, too, loved the music, and still have it in my head from time to time.

    Eventually the robots get stronger as you play the game manmy times. I recall them shooting things at you?

    1. I guess that’s the Treasure Mathstorm you reviewed. I don’t remember it being about math… and I don’t remember the graphics being that good. I would have had the old DOS version, too. I suppose that’s the game, sicne I remember treasures and nets.

      1. You might be thinking of Treasure Mountain, which is near-identical to Treasure Mathstorm. The only major difference between the two games is that the backgrounds in Treasure Mathstorm are covered with snow.

        The Learning Company liked to re-release all of their games every two to three years, with upgraded graphics. So if the graphics are better than you remember, it’s probably because the copy I have is a later release.

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