BREAKING: Dai Gyakuten Saiban, Tokyo Game Show Update!

The latest Ace Attorney news from Tokyo Game Show!

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Hey everyone, Diana Gray—Ace Fangirl—playing catch-up from the last few weeks. Gosh, a fangirl goes to college and so much news happens at once!

Let’s get the past news out of the way first…

  • Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies was released on iOS worldwide on August 14th. I know what you’re thinking—yes, I did talk about this already. But if anyone’s interested in learning more about the process or the developer’s thoughts on the matter, Dengeki interviewed Motohide Eshiro (producer of Dual Destinies) about the game on iOS and about Phoenix Wright in general. Translated bullet points of the article can be found here (thanks, Court Records!).
  • Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney was released on August 29th in North America. It sold 41,143 copies in the first week alone, ranking 5th in total video game sales for the week, behind Madden NFL ’15 for every system. So technically, the second top selling game. It was an amazing game, but you can wait for my review to hear my full impressions (or, if you really want to see them, check out my Twitter). 

BREAKING 1Bit disappointed that this scene didn’t make it into the game: “I don’t really like that top hat guy.”

Now, let’s get to the real dirt. Tokyo Game Show was this past weekend, September 18-21, and we got SO MUCH NEWS about Shu Takumi’s newest project, Dai Gyakuten Saiban, tentatively known as The Great Ace Attorney. Let’s break it down! … No, turn off that music; not like that! This is SERIOUS!

  • September 3rd—We got a preview with two mysterious, shadowy figures. The rumors were already flying—new prosecutor and assistant? Nothing would be confirmed until the following week, when…
  • September 9th—Sherlock Holmes. Yes, you read that right: Sherlock Holmes will serve as Ryuunosuke’s rival in Dai Gyakuten Saiban. He’s accompanied by Iris Watson, an 8-year-old girl who’s a certifiable genius. She already has an M.D. and wrote this book that can’t possibly be relevant called “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”. I’m still pretty neutral on this; I definitely think it could be interesting.
  • More was revealed as Famitsu was released. It seems that they’ll operate similar to the way that Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright worked together, in my opinion. Another gameplay mechanic, Joint Reasoning, was introduced as well, in which Ryuunosuke will be responsible for pointing out contradictions in Holmes’s rapid-fire reasoning. Takumi, apparently a Holmes fanboy, claims that Holmes really set the stage for the game because—get this—aside from the first case, the game will take place in LONDON. You’re welcome, localizers; Takumi’s got your back (kind of).

BREAKING 2He’s actually kind of attractive…wait, what do you mean “which one”? Don’t make me pick!

  • September 10th—the official Dai Gyakuten Saiban website becomes FABULOUS—updated with profiles, art, and screenshots! A basic rundown: Ryuunosuke is a college student who goes to London to learn more about the justice system and become an attorney after being involved in a certain case (bet ya that’ll be in the game), Susato (which is so close to Ayasato, come on!) works as a legal assistant for Ryuunosuke due to “certain circumstances” (what, did she get sold into slavery? What does that mean?!), Holmes is obviously Sherlock Holmes, duh, and Iris Watson is basically what I described earlier. Definitely worth a read and a look—the backgrounds already look amazing.

TE0ssoLLook at that snazzy logo!

  • September 17th—AND THEN THIS SHOWED UP.

  • It looks amazing! I think it really speaks for itself; I don’t think I really need to analyze this. I just…I can’t. I’m so excited for this game! The music is beautiful, the art is beautiful, Payne is there…wait, Payne is there?! Payne is there. And Susato is ME. No one can argue with that! Ahem. Moving on.
  • September 19th—finally, the Capcom Stage Show at Tokyo Game Show! We’re caught up. The entire show is available on YouTube, but if you’re only interested in this game, there’s a small scene at 4:54 that alludes to some sort of jury system being implemented, and a demo of Joint Reasoning by Takumi himself at 12:40.


Whew, that was a lot of news. Glad I’m finally all caught up, and I’m sure you’re glad you are too! Thanks for bearing with me, and I’ll see you next time Ace Attorney news breaks!

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Diana is GameCola's resident fangirl of many things, but predominantly Ace Attorney. She has her own YouTube channel where she dates birds (and other animals) and often makes people cry, mostly herself.


  1. Lots of news, very much Ace Attorney hyping. I really hope the NA team finds some way to localize DGS in a way that doesn’t completely absurdify(I’m making that a word) the story set-up, ’cause it’s really seeming awesome so far.

    Thanks for the update, Diana!

    1. That’s the thing – I think the game taking place in London will provide a neutral ground for localization and give its own unique flair to the story. I would hazard a guess that they’ve had this planned for a while, which is why they were able to say that the release dates for Japan and North America would be so close. About the same amount of work will be needed to localize London to both places, or something like that – it’ll be like a Professor Layton game.
      My pleasure. Glad I finally had time to write all this down. 🙂

      1. Oh, it’s in London? I was still thinking it was set in Japan! I probably should have actually watched the videos… Heheheh…

        But yeah, that’s good news for the localization team! At least Sherlock Holmes’ appearance has a justification now, if nothing else.

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