[NSFW] GC Podcast #82: GameCola Sports League

Warning: This podcast contains very little discussion of actual sports.

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Welcome, sports fans, to the number-one sports-related sportscast on the Sportsternet! As you all know, we here at GameCola love games. Sports games, that is! We are definitely known for our love of sports and sport-related things that are related to sports. That’s why, for this month’s podcast, we’ve gathered together Alex “Sportsrazczak” Jedraszczak, Anna “Sports” Bryniarski, Robyn “The Sport” Tyrfing, and returning guest Paul “Just Sports It” Franzen to talk about such topics as:

  • GameCola League Blood Bowl!
  • Seriously, we don’t actually know anything about sports.
  • The Words With Friends Tournament is about as close as we’ve gotten.
  • America’s SECRET first President!!!
  • We’re still waiting for the PC version of Life in the Dorms!
  • Jeddy doesn’t like Dragon Quest V?!
  • The Internet has ruined the age confirmation questions from Leisure Suit Larry.
  • Where in North Dakota is Carmen Sandiego?
  • What ever even happened to the Ouya?!
  • Paul doesn’t know about Monster Rancher, so Robyn raps for him.
  • Should we have a GameCola Monster Rancher league?! Or maybe Digimon World
  • Florida weather vs. Ohio weather (pretend it’s sports)
  • Jeddy’s wild business ventures

If you’re ready for the sports jam, then put on your headphones and give a listen to this month’s vaguely sports-related podcast! Oh, yeah! He’s on fire!!!

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Alex "Jeddy" Jedraszczak is presiding Editor-in-Chief at GameCola, not only editing content but often writing it as well. On top of all this GameCola work, he also develops indie games.


  1. Puzzle games, like The Wizard’s Pen (which I have) is also, I think, a good game for that type of GameCola Family Game Night. Everyone working together to try to figure out what the object is.

    And just remember, if you ever need/want an extra participant for something, I’m almost always willing to break in- I mean, tag along.

  2. If you’re having trouble with keeping up with new games on monthly projects, you can just bookmark, right?

    If you guys are considering something to do for GameCola family game night that isn’t multiplayer, consider a blind run of 3D Dot Game Heroes – but take along the staff members that are bigger on retro games (Nathaniel, Jeddy, etc)

    Is there a history of GameCola staff members anywhere? If not, there should be.

    I greatly approve of GameCola Dark Souls.

    One Way Heroics would be a great game for GameCola staff to play together – especially if everyone picked different classes and tried to stay at the same distance together.

    These text-based adventure games should be on GameCola family game night.

    An idea for a GameCola column someone could have – genius programming. The Monster Rancher segment explaining the CD – to – monster system is very interesting to me. I’d be interested in reading more kinds of original programming in other video games.

    “Get in the Game! Cola!” for new GameCola tagline.

    What if there was a designated staff member to create a GameCola TV-Show-Like thing? A combination of the jeopardy topic that keeps re-appearing and Trivia Crack, which didn’t catch on.

    Anna and Paul should have a reality TV show together. Or at least a colum that is like a reality TV show done entirely in Tomodachi Life (by the way, Paul, how is that game?)

    What is this wild business adventure’s thing? I’d like to know more about it.

    Consider writing a column about ice cream! GameCream!

    1. I believe the complete GameCola Staff List had been sealed away due to a prophecy regarding the Third Impact. I’ll need to ask Jeddy about that sometime.

      1. There is, in fact, a sacred scroll on which are written the names of all who have passed the GameCola initiation ceremony. The names may be revealed at some future date, but for now, it will remain sealed away along with other GameCola relics such as the chatroom and the forum.


    Also, have you guys played/seen the Jackbox party pack? It’s not exactly… family friendly, but it has a bunch of games we can all play. One person buys it on steam and there’s a website where we can all play together. I’m thinking Fibbage, specifically. I think it’s four players.

    1. Ooooooh, I bet Fibbage would be good! I have a friend who somehow sets up multiplayer sessions of it through Twitch, like he’s some kinda wizard.

      1. I mean, all I have to do is buy the game, start playing, get the room code, and send it to y’all. Then we can all play together. I can record my screen too 🙂 Audio might not be awesome, though.

  4. If someone wants to teach me how to do let’s plays, record audio, edit shit, and so forth, I will host a game night.

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