Epic Everything Brings Real-Time Strategy to Collectible Card Games

Hate waiting for your opponent to take their turn in Magic: The Gathering? Maybe try this instead!

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Epic Everything is not like your traditional TCG. Most card games are very similar at the core. You take your turn. Then the other player takes their turn. You try to counter each other’s strategies and deal with threats on the field until one of you emerges victorious. There may be some instances of acting on another player’s turn, but all in all, card games can be very clean-cut in their execution. Epic Everything is bringing something a little different to the table.

The game is a combination of both a collectible card game and a real-time strategy title. There are no turns. Each player acts at the same time, positioning cards on the ten-slot board space available to them. Each card has a cooldown time associated with it. It seems as though players will have to decide not only where to place their cards, but when they should activate their effects and when they should move their cards. The game promises to be fast-paced, with both players having to pay attention to not only the cooldown timer on their own cards so they can use them again, but also to the cooldown of their opponent’s cards so they won’t be caught in any sort of trap.


Epic Everything will have four different card types and over 200 cards available at launch.

Epic Everything also promises a style of play for everyone, with four different races that the player can build their decks around at launch. It seems as though each race will have a very different playstyle associated with it, and players will be able to mix and match to create their own unique decks. The Warhound race is very aggressive in its playstyle. The Fishfolk are all about manipulating the battlefield and drawing opponents into traps. Spirits buff their allies to make them into truly powerful opponents. Finally, the Robots are all about creating incredibly long and complicated spell combos.  The bases seem pretty much covered here, and with what developer Unboard Games promises to be an “ever expanding set of races and cards”, I’m curious to see what other surprises they might have in store for us.


Epic Everything will be released on OS X, Windows, Android, and iOS. If the game interests you, then I’d recommend contributing towards its development by heading over to the Kickstarter page.

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