• DSi XL

    Breaking news, everyone. Nintendo has confirmed that they are releasing the DSi XL, a version of the DSi with much larger screens. Specifically, the screens are 1.9 times larger than a normal DSi, wh

  • Carbonated News: July 2009

    Welcome to "Carbonated News," the column where we get you up-to-date on all the latest outdated gaming news. Our last two columns were about videogame conferences, but that's not the case this month

  • Mid-Boss: Why Bad Series Stay Bad

    Recently, Mid-Boss visited a game store in town and encountered an ex-girlfriend of his. Pleasant greetings were exchanged and things ran smoothly—until it emerged that the reason she had entered the establishment in the first place was to pre-order Nintendo’s new DSi handheld.

  • Nintendo Announces New DS, WarioWare, Punch-Out!!, and More

    So much for not caring about its loyal fanbase! Actually, by releasing yet another iteration of one of its portable consoles, one could argue that Nintendo is further not caring about its loyal fanb