• Sorcerian (PC)

    Don't let the bearded character on the box fool you—this is 100% '80s JRPG.

  • Minus the Pudding: The Best of Xbox Live Indie Games

    Videogames have long been considered a form of escapism, a way for us nerds to (pretend to) leave our couch, put on a pair of pants, and leave our tedious lives behind so we can instead wander around a desert for hours and hours and hours in search of a goddamn save point, because we seriously just want to go to bed, but we can't, because WHERE'S THE SAVE POINT?! It's been HOURS since we last saved and we don't want to leave our system on all night, because who KNOWS what could happen then, so we keep playing and playing and FINALLY! Look! There's a save point! Only, before we can access it, we're forced into a boss battle and DIE because the stupid boss is IMPOSSIBLE to beat, and then we have to go to our last save point, which was so long ago that we don't even remember it!