• Dear Readers: 7 is Above Average!

    As part of my endless quest to produce as few of my own words as possible while still calling myself a "writer", I’d like to draw everyone’s attention to a comment posted by Matt Gardner in our review of Club House Games in last month's 'Cola.

  • … of the Month: More GameCola Merchandise Ideas

    OK, just for everyone’s info, there is now new GAMECOLA merchandise! Go check it out. Some of the ideas from last month have been used, such as the bumper sticker that says “7 is ABOVE average!” So congrats and thanks to anyone whose ideas were used.

  • … of the Month: Design Your Own GameCola Merchandise!

    That’s right lady and gentleman, it is time for you, the reader, to propose new ideas and the like for GameCola merchandise. I commented last month on the main page comments section about how the merchandise was getting a little stale. The newest thing ever there is pretty much a Loafy Carl t-shirt. I’m willing to bet no one here except for Neal and Paul even really knows what Loafy Carl is anymore. At the very least we should be adding some Pretty in Pixels stuff, since that seems to be our new monthly comic strip.