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    Nintendo’s Image

    Something that I cut out of my article on the Game Developers Conference was the part of Mr. Iwata's speech where he promoted the latest Nintendo game called Rhythm and Beat or something like that. 

  • GC Podcast #7: It’s OnLive!

    Hey folks! This time around we have myself, Michael Gray, Colin Greenhalgh, and Nathaniel Hoover talking about the big news out of the GDC 2009: OnLive.

  • Carbonated News: The 2009 Game Developers Conference

    Welcome to Carbonated News, where we give you all the news in fits of print. The Game Developers Conference was held in San Francisco last month, resulting in TONS of videogame news. Not wanting to be

  • GameStop to Become Obsolete

    Seeing as I'm the GameCola staff member who lives in the Bay Area, Head Editor Paul Franzen got me a press pass to make reports at the Game Developers Conference this week in San Francisco. Here's my