• What the Crap?: Voice Chat

    Is this thing on? You bet your sweet ass it is. But for many, there isn't a "thing." For others, some use this thing as a boom box over their shoulder like it's the 1980s, or they use it to be racist

  • Grand Theft Auto IV (X360)

    So here I am, tackling a giant. The game alone is quite huge in content and digital space, but that pales in comparison to the amount of words and opinions I have on the experience. Wrapping my writte

  • Gamer Girlfriend: Living with “The Other Woman”

    Imagine a world where the guy you love brings home a new woman, announces that she will be living with him for at least a week or two, and proceeds to spend every waking, non-work moment with her. He kindly indicates that it’s cool if you hang out, too. However, he would prefer it if you didn’t get in the way too much. Now, if you’re like me, you would have dumped this guy’s ass within five minutes of hearing such a presumptuous proposition. Any self-respecting woman would. We don’t share our men with others of our kind.