• Don’t Be That Guy: Features All Online Games Should Have

    I came up with a few simple features that should either keep annoying people away, or at least persuade them to tone it down a bit.

  • What the Crap?: Voice Chat

    Is this thing on? You bet your sweet ass it is. But for many, there isn't a "thing." For others, some use this thing as a boom box over their shoulder like it's the 1980s, or they use it to be racist

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    … of the Month: PlayStation 2 Headset

    First off, let me clear up any confusion there may be over what exactly a headset is. It is not, despite popular belief, a set of heads. It does bring several heads together, though, in a way. It is a handy little device that sits on your skull and lets you communicate with people without the aid of a keyboard.