• New Mean Hamster Software Game Released

    You know Mean Hamster Software? Long-time friend of the 'Cola? Their President, John Swiderski, helped me out with an article way back in 2003, and he's participated in Versus Mode as recently as las

  • … of the Month: Irata’s Quest: Doomed Isle

    A little while back, I was informed by my good buddy Paul that the ruler of Mean Hamster Software was having troubles coming up with the storyline to a video game he wanted to create, entitled Irata's Quest: Doomed Isle. Paul immediately went to the first person that came to mind to tell him the news, and after that person shot him down, he came to me. I got myself in touch with Mean Hamster's fearless leader, and before you knew it I had become the Robin to his Batman. We've been working out the basics of creating the game (in other words, he has been explaining how making a game for the Atari 5200 works) and sooner or later we will have ourselves an actual game. At this moment in time the game is going to be something like Legend of Zelda, only with an emphasis on puzzle solving rather than monster defeating. There will be multiple characters for the player to control in order to get passed various types of puzzles, as well. As more details are created by myself and the Overlords of the Mean Hamster, there very well may be an update or two in GC in the future; but for now, this tiny amount of information will have to be settled for.