• Fabricated News: Nintendo is Dead

    According to message board users, Nintendo is dead due to lack of shooty kill games.

  • Dear Readers: Absolutely Real Message Board Posts

    You know I’ve been doing this for like five years, right? Five whole years. That’s probably longer than some of you have been alive. (What? No it’s not.) That’s with one Dear Readers per month, one (at least!) review per month, one Digital Championship Wrestling per month, and one Gates of Life every other month. And that’s to say nothing of my old monthly column and the various feature articles I’ve written. And that’s to say nothing of spending my off-time writing for an on-campus publication and a magazine devoted to the best sorts of drapery to hang up in your dining room. (As it turns out, the best kinds are generally the ones made by companies advertising in the magazine. Who knew!)