• Pimp My ‘Cola: How to Advertise for GameCola

    Welcome to Pimp My 'Cola, the article that talks about advertising for GameCola. This is my second and last time writing Pimp My 'Cola, following in the footsteps of former Pimp My 'Cola writer Gina Holechko, who also wrote two installments of the column.

  • Pimp My ‘Cola: The Great GameCola Slogan Contest

    Welcome to Pimp My 'Cola, the article that brings you up to date on all of GameCola's most recent advertising adventures. Long-time GameCola fans will remember that this column was written by our PR M

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    Pimp My ‘Cola: Columbia College Chicago’s Videogame Club

    I plan on corrupting as many people as possible in the future.

  • Pimp My ‘Cola: DucKon 16

    For my first PR stint, with many more I hope to come, for GameCola.net, I tried handing out flyers at a local science fiction/fantasy/science/filk non-mundanes need not apply in person convention. My boyfriend Michael and I have been attending DucKon for the last several years, and we always have plenty of fun and great memories. This most recent DucKon was no exception.