• Preserving the Plastic: Trade Bait

    Most likely if you are a video game collector, you are going to end up dealing with other collectors with a similar interest.  A lot of times some monetary amount will come into the mix, but trading

  • Preserving the Plastic: Modern Rarities

    As a collector, it is normally within your best interest to collect things that will eventually go up in value.  It's usually hard to tell when something will be valuable a few years after a game's i

  • Preserving the Plastic: Top Ten Rules to Live By

    There are always some basic rules or a code to hold near and dear to your heart when it comes to any aspect of life.  These codes can be anything from "treat others the way you want to be treated" to

  • Preserving the Plastic: Gaming Collectibles

    Every hobby now-a-days has some form of paraphernalia to keep the hobbyist busy at all times.  T-shirts, action figures, posters, music, etc., can all be forms of gaming related junk to get your mitt

  • Preserving the Plastic: Connecting Multiple Systems

    If you are like me or many of the other hardcore gamers and collectors out there, you'll probably have more than one console, and want to play them without the hassle of changing cords.  Fortunately,

  • Preserving the Plastic: Game Storage

    After amassing a large number of media, whether it be books, CDs, or pornography, the age-old question arises: "Where do I put this crap?"  The same goes for video games.  It doesn't matter if you c

  • Preserving the Plastic: Personalized Collections

    When most people think of collecting video games, they think of the ideal collection as being a complete library of games for a specific system. Doing this normally takes years of raiding flea markets, frequenting EBay, and spending loads of cash to get the Holy Grail of a near complete collection. This seems like a daunting and expensive hobby for most average gamers, but it doesn't have to go that route.